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Epic Migrations

Who is the EpicMigrations?

There has been change of location since the early ages in the world. Migrations which have been composed with change of location have continued due to different and various reasons until today. Migration plays a role in world, and the number of people in migration have increased step by step around the world in the recent years. Especially after the Syria civil war, it started migration flow to Syria from whole world. It was perceived as big trouble by the states and they did not know what to do. Subsequently, they began to work, to study for various policies, and than these studies spread around the world. Hence, the study of migrations has become more widespread throughout the academic world. Mainstream media does not effectively cover this massive issue but EpicMigrations believes that the world needs to know what is really happening out there. While it carries a lot of personal diary and story content, which provides a genuine, on the ground perspective on the reality of migration, it will carry articles which are about migration, refugee and forced studies what is happening in the academic world. EpicMigrations strongly believes that migration is about so much more than numbers and statistics, it is about people. Numbers allow us to see; but stories and diaries help us to understand the migrant and refugee people. EpicMigrations wants to see and to understand the real people who are migrant or refugee...