What part of the city do immigrants go to?

  Individuals and groups interact with each other in a physical environment as a part of everyday life. This certain physical environment involves certain symbols and associativities which affect us…


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REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH IN REFUGEE WOMEN Refugee women affected by the negative effects of both forced and non-compulsory migration more than men and children. Also they constitute the most important health…

Migration and Literature

“In these foreign lands
A bag for provisions is my sole possession
Stale bread lies within, and passion
Also my notebook
That I filled with my dreams
That infuriates me page by page
That I spit on whenever it irritates me!”

Introduction to Migrant Women’s Health

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Causes of migration are directly related to the socio-cultural, economic and political structure of societies. However, in the migrations made throughout human history; many situations such as earthquakes, drought, natural…

Immigration and Non-Communicable Diseases

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Human health is affected by social, economic and environmental factors as well as biological factors. These factors are called determinants of health. Age-gender and structural factors, individual lifestyle factors, social…