The Team


Sumeyye Acikgoz
Sumeyye Acikgoz graduated Masters degree in NGO and Social Responsibility Management from Istanbul University with her master project about Turkey, Health NGOs in Volunteering and Volunteer Management in 2017 and also, she graduated a masters degree in Sociology from Istanbul Commerce University with her master thesis on Spatial Cluster Dynamics of Irregular Migrants In Metropolitan Cities: Example of Afghan Refugees In Beykoz-Yenimahalle in 2018. She worked a lot of projects as a writer, coordinator, and team member. She worked all refugee camps and migration foundations as a volunteer in Turkey. She lived in the US and got research techniques about migration studies in 2018. Also, she worked in the Heartland Alliance as a volunteer interpreter with migrant people. She has written about irregular migrants at different web sites and magazines. She has a consultant company which is the name Seena Project Consultancy. She founded this web site in 2019.


Zuhal Acikgoz
Zuhal Acikgoz was born in Turkey, in 1984. She graduated in Political Science from Northeastern University in 2010. During her college years, she worked at the Turkish Consulate General as a contracted secretary. After 10 years of working at a government agency, she moved a different career path. Hence, in 2017, she graduated her master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Valparaiso University. She has been working as an Operations Manager at a private healthcare clinic in Chicago since 2016. Besides her full-time job, she works as a Senior Editor for EpicMigrations.
Begum Ugurgel
Begum Ugurgel was born in September 1992, İstanbul. She graduated from Istanbul Şehir University Psychology department in 2015. She took her Clinical Psychology MA degree from International University of Sarajevo in 2018. During and after the college years she worked with disadvantaged groups such as victims of domestic violence, child labors and refugees. She currently works at a private hospital as a Clinical Psychologist, also helps EpicMigrations’ authors on editing texts.


Merve Kacmaz was born in Istanbul, 1999. She is a student at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Faculty of Education. She is interested in linguistics, sociology and translation studies. She works as a freelance translator.


Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Otrar
Mustafa Otrar was born in Eskisehir, in 1971. He graduated from Marmara University at Psychological counseling and Guidance in 1993. He worked in Bingol and Istanbul as a teacher. He started to work as a research assistant at Marmara University and then, he graduated from Marmara University with his master thesis about psychological service in education. He is working as a member of board, in the Turkish Ministry of National Education, Education Board. He is writing at epicmigrations as volunteer writer.
Dr. Cagri Emin Sahin
Cagri Emin Sahin graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine in 2015. He worked as technical staff member in various positions at Istanbul Public Health Directorate and Manager of Sultangazi District Community Health Center. He volunteered and worked on board of directors of the Young Doctors Worldwide. He is currently a PhD student in public health. He is voluntary responsible editor on Konak Journal of Health and Social Sciences and officially working in Vaccine Preventable Diseases, Logistics Management Department, Directorate General of Public Health in Turkey as a public health manager.
Aysenur Karaca
Aysenur Karaca was born in 1994. She graduated from ÜMRG Anatolia Teacher High School in 2012. She is studying at Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University Faculty of Medicine as an intern doctor. She works in Young Doctors Worldwide as a volunteer. She is studying in the field migration at Hayat Health and Social Services Foundation. Her special interests are in recent history migrations to Anatolia and health of refugee camps. She publishes articles in Konak Journal of Health and Social Sciences in these areas.
Busra Aslan
Büşra Aslan graduated from Istanbul University at Midwifery Department in 2015. She has worked in delivery rooms at Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health as a midwife. And also, she worked an educator and administrator in the Public Health Unit of the Ministry of Health. She worked in “Çocuklar Sokakta Solmasın Project” of Hayat Foundation as a volunteer. She is studying in the Forensic Midwifery Department of Üsküdar University as master student.
Meliha Kekec
Meliha Kekec was born in Kahramanmaras, Turkey. She studies Law at Faculty of Law in Selcuk University. During her university life, she worked at many social responsibility projects as a volunteer. She constituted Community of Social Awareness and worked as the chairman of the executive board. Additionally, she worked at Selcuk University-Platform of Aid Unity as the founding chairman. She have brought local people and refugees together for 4 years.
Ahmet Pehlivan
Ahmet Pehlivan was born in 1996. He studied in Mehmet Tekinalp High School, İstanbul. During high school, he developed interest in international relations which led him to study International Relations in Galatasaray University. Currently, he is a double major student in Galatasaray University, Istanbul. His second major is Political Science. In 2018, he went to Sciences Po Grenoble, France as an exchange student for a semester. His education and current issues of the global world have raised his interest in migration related acts. He took classes to meet his interest and to become competent in this field. During these classes, he studied on the role of non-state actors and local authorities in the reception of refugees.
Safvan Ozcan
Safvan Ozcan was born in Jeddah, 1996. He is a student at Yildiz Technical University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Business Administration. He went to University of Zaragoza, Spain as an exchange student for a year. He is interested in international relations and migration studies which led him to get an opportunity to be intern at Center for Strategic Research, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior, Directorate General Migration Management.
Senanur Cevahir
Senanur Cevahir was born in 2000, in Istanbul. She graduated from Tenzile Erdoğan Anatolian Imam-Khatib high school. She is currently a chemical engineering student in İstanbul University- Cerrahpaşa. She worked in her movies as a scriptwriter and director. She also takes place 4 projects related to refugees. She went to the refugee camps Unlimited Festival which is organized by International Refugee Rights Association in Syria, in 2019. She is still working as a volunteer in different projects and foundations.
Enise Ucar
Enise Ucar was born in Edirne, in, Turkey in 1997. She graduated in Social Work from Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, in 2019. She worked at many social responsibility projects as a volunteer. She worked in Children of Earth Association, Mentornship Project, and also in Turkish Red Crescent in Ogretmen-im Project as a volunteer. She wrote project to Turkish Red Crescent to ensure the social adaptation of Turkish and Syrian Youth. She went to refugee camps Unlimited Festival which is organized by International Refugee Rights Association in Syria, in 2019. Currently, she has worked in different projects and foundations as a volunteer.
Fatih Alibaz Dursun
Fatih Alibaz was born in 1996, in Nevşehir. He graduated from Beyoglu Anatolian Imam-Khatib high school. He is currently an Arabic Teaching student in Sabahattin Zaim University. He's been interested in cinema and literature since his high school years and he worked in 4 different movies as scriptwriter, assistant director and actor. The last two movies’ shootings were in Syria. Some of his short stories have been published in magazines, namely Hece Öykü, Tahrir and Bûtimar. He also took place more than 8 projects related to refugees. He has visited more than 20 different refugee camps in Syria, Bangledesh and Turkey. He strives to tell the stories of oppressed people, and he has a lot to tell.
Arif Dogan
He is studying at Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University Faculty of Medicine. He works in Young Doctors Worldwide as a volunteer. He studied in the field of migration at the Hayat Life and Social Services Foundation. He publishes articles in Turkish about immigrant camps and healthcare services upon immigrants in Konak Journal Of Health and Social Science. He received web design and poster design lessons in Istanbul. Currently he is the designer and manager of the websites of and Also he is graphic designer of some magazines and events’ posters.
Liva was born in Antalya. After completing her primary education in Alanya, she went to Antalya for her high school. In the third year of her high school education, she was an exchange student at SSGN in Nijmagen, Netherlands with the support of her country’s EU ministry. She attended the TUBITAK science fair with the Sociology project. In 2015, she earned to Marmara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of English Political Science and Public Administration. She completed the English Preparatory Class with successfully. In 2016, she was appointed as the Head of the Foreign Relations Department at the Youth Branches of the Turkish Red Crescent. In 2017, she went to the Germany with the Turkish Red Crescent. In 2018, she served as the Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Red Crescent at Istanbul Branch in the Provincial Youth Branches. She went as a traveler and a boarder in refugee camp area of Turkey, Gaziantep and she spent a time refugees and worked with them after she visited Syria. And, she is still working with them as a volunteer.