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The Syrian Woman at Pazarkule-Kastaniéai Border

With the start of a multi-faceted war in Syria since 2011, An influx of refugees has begun from Syria to the world. Intensely Syrian refugees living in Turkey, due to the agreement signed by Turkey in 2016 couldn’t cross the border to Europe because the border gates became under strict control. When we look at the figures dated 27th February of 2020, the number of Syrian refugees was 3 million 587 thousand 266. However, when Turkey on 28th February of 2020 announced that the way of refugees living in Turkey to reach European countries will not be hampered anymore, the influx of refugees began to crossing the border. As a volunteer at the International Refugee Rights Association, I was with refugees for days trying to cross the border at the Pazarkule-Kastaniéai border. In Pazarkule, where nearly 25,000 people, mostly Afghan and Syrians, I made interviews and examined all the events closely. In the first place, I can say that unfortunately, life in Pazarkule continues under very difficult conditions. Greek soldiers are constantly shooting gas bombs and plastic bullets. Since people don’t have masks, most are affected by gas bombs. There are not only adults but also children affected by gas. Real bullets being used and there are people who are injured by bullets. There are many people coming across, but most of them are caught and subjected to ill-treatment by Greek soldiers. Violence, harassment, confiscation of their belongings are just a few of them. They take everything, including babies’ bottles. They are taken back only with their underwear and all of their belongings are taken away from them. Human rights are being ignored, women and men are harassed indifferently. In the eyes of the whole world, they torture, shoot, kill all of them and commit a crime. Let’s listen all together to that they didn’t choose this life…

What is your name?


How old are you?


Which country are you from?


Why did you come to your country?

Our house was bombed

Which province do you live in Turkey?


How old were you when you came to Turkey?


What did you work in Adana?

I am interpreter

What did your husband work in Adana?

Textile worker

Who did you come here with?

My husband and his friends

How long have you been married?

3  months

How many days have you been here?

I have been here for 7 days since my husband and his friends are 4 men my husband and friends are sleeping in the tent because they are 4 men, I can’t sleep with them. I am 2 months pregnant and since I sleep outside I am having a lot of pains.

Where is your family?

My family stayed in Adana

Why do you want to go to Europe?

Because wherever your partner goes, you have to go with him, ıf your husband goes to die, you should go with him. Otherwise, our men beat us, its how we grew up.

Why does your husband want to go to Europe?

Economic reasons

Which country do you want to go to with your husband?


Why do you want to go to Germany?

My husband’s relatives in Germany will help us when we go

Did your husband ever beat you?



My husband beat me once because of the phone

What was the status of Turkey?

Temporary protection

Did you cross Europe?

Yes 2 days ago

Can you tell me how did you pass to Europe?

We get under weigh a team of 50 people, there were people of all nationalities in the group, we crossed the meriç river with boats, then we walked on the road for two days and there were people disappearing from the dark, we searched, but we could not turn on the light in order not to show our place, we could not call out, there were children who disappeared. We suspect they fell into the river

What happened when you arrived in the village?

The villagers immediately called their soldiers as soon as we arrived in the village, the soldiers came, gave the villagers money for informing us. And they took us away, they took our phones, ıds, passports, money, clothes, they tried to open my headscarf, the Quran in the hands of a woman, the baby’s bottles, the old aunt’s covering teeth, they tried to hit me, ı shouted that ı have a baby, holding my belly, they gave electricity to my leg, they beat my husband, they gave him electricity in front of my eyes, ı was so bad, my husband was very embarrassed, insulted, swore, we stayed in prison for 24 hours.

How was the prison they held you?

Terrible, because the greek soldiers did not allow people to go to the toilet, people were doing their toilets there, men and women were a mixed environment, neither water nor bread was giving anything, ı was saying that ı was pregnant, not even water was given to me.

How did you come back to Turkey?

Greek soldiers put us on a boat from the Greek shore and halfway before we even got to the next shore they pushed us out of the boat I was drowning because ı don’t know how to swim, my husband saved me at the last moment, they even threw the baby into the river without thinking.

What are you thinking of doing now?

We will wait until the end

Did you miss Adana?


Why don’t you come back?

We don’t have a home to return, we don’t have a job, we don’t have money, we don’t have an identity we can’t go back even when everything is gone, there is hope.

“The immigrant does not move, it loses its place on earth. He was from his homeland but could not find a new homeland. ”